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I've worked a fair amount in Saudi Arabia, and yeah, even by low Gulf standards it's a deeply fucked-up place and definitely a ticking time bomb. A few things people don't realize until they've actually been there: - Not all Saudis are rich. Quite the opposite, there are destitute beggars on the streets of Riyadh.

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Just a few days ago, Saudi Prince Mohammad bin Salman visited our White House, to sit down with our president, and begin his parade around our country as a supposed hero. Trump sat down with a board similar to your sixth graders science project boards that had pictures of military fighter jets, tanks, and other weaponry, all with big price tags on them in the millions and billions of dollars. I watched as he presented this to us citizens as a great benefit to our country, and he did so seriously.

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There is always an old Trump tweet for literally every occasion. It is with a heavy heart that I must announce that politics really is Harry Potter. Red hat guy trump is going to own the globalist cucks!

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Some of you are here for porn: this is not porn. It has never been porn, and it was my mistake for swearing in this post. Even the name sounds foreign.

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All or nothing. We need to have an honest conversation about art as labor, underlying systemic structures, and a conspiracy of silence, that prevent artists who don't have well-employed spouses, large pots of gold, a trust fund, or prior family wealth from making a living from their work. The current system means that a huge percentage of artists are excluded from the conversation simply because they can't afford to participate.

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Gas priced cheaper than water. No taxes at all…and err that is about it! There is a seriously funny side to growing up in Saudi Arabia however.

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Saudi Arabia wants to build women-only cities. You force women to wear burqa, they have no face, no identity, no rights! Now you wanna dump them? You have been apartheiding women big time!

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Saudi Arabia unknown. A country whose people resemble the Beverly Hillbillies: people who have no class, culture, or civility but happen upon large amounts of black gold. The profits of this are then used on flashy expenditures in order to create a pretense of civility among other peoples who are actually civilized North Americans, Europeans, etc.

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