Adult bicycle helmet laws in georgia

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The answer is no unless you are under However, there are sound personal safety reasons to wear one. Georgia bicycle statues require riders who are under 16 to wear an ANSI compliant cycling helmet.

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I find myself in what some people might describe as an odd position. As a lawyer, I represent people who have suffered injuries while riding bicycles due to the negligent actions of others, mainly car drivers. However, as an advocate for safe cycling, I spend a lot of time trying to make the roads in Georgia a safer place for people to ride bikes.

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Below are some informational links about bicycle and pedestrian safety. If you have a bicycle or pedestrian safety link that you would like to share, contact Josh Turner at kgoodman gohs. Text Print Share.

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One of our main goals is to help and encourage people to get out and ride their bicycles for transportation as well as recreation. A key component of this is providing education for bicyclists AND motorists alike. If you ride bicycles or drive other vehicles there are safety rules and laws you need to know.

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Australia was the first country to make wearing bicycle helmets mandatory. The majority of early statistical data regarding the effectiveness of bicycle helmets originated from Australia. Between andAustralian states and territories introduced various laws mandating that cyclists wear bicycle helmets while riding after a campaign by various groups including the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons RACS.

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Helmet laws in the United States are scattered, strange, and can be difficult to keep up with. The main point of contention is that many of the states do not bother to enact bike helmet laws at all and instead, leave that up to municipalities to decide. This leads to a patchwork of bike helmet laws that vary wildly, depending on where you ride.

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This is a time when advocacy efforts are crucial to making our streets safer for everyone. Within 24 hours from the Two Wheel Tuesday gathering we suffered two more casualties. On Wednesday morning, Marten Bijvank was on his way to work on his bicycle when he was struck and killed by an unlicensed DUI driver […].

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Bike helmets provide necessary protection against potential accidents on the road. Without a helmet, collisions with other bicyclists, pedestrians, and vehicles can turn deadly, However, Georgia law only requires bicycle helmets for cyclists under the age of According the Georgia statute O. Cyclists over the age of 16 are not required to wear a bicycle helmet in Georgia.

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Now, there is! While no state requires adults to wear helmets, many states do require children and youth to wear a properly fitting bike helmet. That goes for both the rider and the passenger!

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Inbicyclists in the U. Twenty-nine of these victims were in Georgia. The single most effective way to prevent a fatal head injury in a bicycle collision is to wear a helmet. There is no statewide law mandating that bicyclists over the age of 16 must wear helmets.


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