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Kurt Loder as himself "Weird Al" Yankovic as himself. It first aired on the Fox network in the United States on January 27, Kurt Loder and "Weird Al" Yankovic both guest star as themselves, this being the second time for Yankovic.

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Subscribe To Our Newsletter! Is their marriage a model example of how to make a long-term relationship endure, or is it an example of what not to do? Homer is overweight, unintelligent, bad at his job, and often makes bad relationship choices.

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In this lesson students continue to grow in their understanding of several Disciplinary Core Ideas:. The instructions for forming species' characteristics are carried in DNA. B: Variation of Traits — In sexual reproduction, meiosis can create new genetic combinations and thus more genetic variation.

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The Simpsons exec producer Al Jean was quoted this week as saying the couple will "legally separate" after Homer's narcolepsy diagnosis puts an "incredible strain" on their relationship - and he will then turn his attentions to a pharmacist played by Lena Dunham. Bart, who writes comical lines in chalk on the board in the opening credits of the cartoon series, is seen staring at the board with gritted teeth. The Simpsons ' Twitter account also shared another image of Homer looking lovingly into Marge's eyes. TheSimpsons", meaning "Marge and Homer forever".

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Sign in. Patty : Overnight bag, no husband in sight - it's happened! Selma : She left Homer?

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Last Friday featured a discussion on the way sex is portrayed for parents with children, whether its played for laughs or if the people involved actually seem to have some passion. Usually I can count on fellow nerd Stephen Thompson to be right there with a way to relate almost any discussion to The Simpsonsbut this week he let me down. The Simpsons touches on almost all the areas you discuss when it comes to its portrayal of sex, something I will now demonstrate for you with 12 episodes.

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It's a fairly strange tie-in -- Marge herself is depicted as going through life fairly fresh-faced, and is also a cartoon with far-from-aspirational yellow skin and blue hair. It'd be hard to imagine anyone wanting to get the Marge look in its specifics. But, oddly enough, Marge Simpson has lately come to represent in the popular culture a generic idea of sexiness and beauty.

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We'll have cameos from the other women from 'Girls. Jean didn't say how long the separation would last, but given the show's history, it's a safe bet the pair will be reunited by the end of the episode. The Simpsons' marital woes were a topic of discussion on "The View" on Tuesday, as Whoopi Goldberg feigned outrage over the news.

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No matter the fate of their marriage R. Homer and Marge were perfect for each other, even though one of them was clearly smarter, sexier and just all-around better than the other. And they were happy.

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When their anniversary dinner is a flop and their love life seems to lackluster, Homer and Marge try to spice it up. Meanwhile, Lisa and Bart use Grampa 's mine detector to find treasure and they find an alternate ending to "Casablanca. It is Homer and Marge 's eleventh wedding anniversary and Grampa does not arrive at the Simpsons house to babysit the children because he mixed up the Flanders house with the Simpson house and ended up babysitting Rod and Todd Flanders by mistake.


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