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The sports world gives birth to stars on a yearly basis, and the names that emerge from the pack of each sport has a chance to become synonymous with fame and glory. Man, or woman, these individuals reach the highest level of their profession, and their sponsorships help make them rich beyond their wildest dreams. There are even instances where cheerleaders can make a name for themselves, stealing headlines and photo shoots from already established stars.

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By Andy Soltis and Post Wires. Sexy ESPN sportscaster Erin Andrews was the target of a peephole pervert who surreptitiously shot a video of her walking around her hotel room naked — and posted it on the Internet. Cora Takes Out Frustration on Andrews.

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Fill out the form below, or call us at The explosive scandal surrounding the Fox sports reporter has been a turbulent roller coaster ride bursting with naked pics on the Internet, lawsuits, public discussions, theories and millions of dollars in damages. The Erin Andrews peephole scandal, which is still one of the most talked-about topics whenever the subject of invasion of privacy comes up, is very much akin to the Harvey Weinstein sex scandal.

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Andrews had also sued the Illinois man who filmed her, Michael David Barrett. The jurors found Mr. Barrett, who pleaded guilty and served more than two years in prison for traveling across state lines to videotape Ms. Andrews multiple times, responsible for 51 percent of the blame, according to The Associated Press.

Then the media would not have been forced to discuss this disgusting spectacle. And make photo galleries! Health care reform.

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According to Google Hot Trending Searchesjust behind primary election results, Justin Bieber, and a few other search terms, tens of thousands of people have taken to Google this week to search for this horribly invasive video. I came upon this fact while doing research for this website. I have no idea if the video still exists on the internet but I assume it does.

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An attorney representing a hotel ownership group denies showing the peephole video of sportscaster Erin Andrews at a Nashville restaurant. Neal Peskind said in a statement he was having dinner with two friends when they began showing the naked video. He said he asked them to turn it off.

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The verdict is a big win for anyone who's ever been the victim of a sexual crime. Fox sportscaster and all-around badass chick Erin Andrews is celebrating a major victory. InAndrews, who was working for ESPN at the time, was secretly videotaped by a stalker several times while staying at a Marriott in Nashville.

Trust me, the only sport women really know is sex. A screenshot from the video showing Erin Andrews naked in her Marriott hotel room. The video is low quality, but that's because it's one of those awesome illegal voyeur videos some guy shot by drilling a peephole in his adjoining hotel room into Erin Andrew's room while she's curling her hair naked and doing squatting exercises.


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