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A Chinese man had to undergo emergency surgery to remove a live eel from his intestines, and told doctors that he had put the eel up his anus in order to cure constipation. Wondering why you can't poop? Here's the weird reason.

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Sometimes anal cancer causes no symptoms at all. But bleeding is often the first sign of the disease. The bleeding is usually minor.

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Anal pain is not something that is talked about a lot, though it can be quite significant. There are a lot of nerve endings in the area of the rectum and anus, so any issues with them can result in anything from mild discomfort to excruciating pain. Most of the time the causes of anal pain are benign, even if there is bleeding.

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The anus is the opening at the end of your anal canal. The rectum sits between your colon and anus and acts as a holding chamber for stool. When pressure in your rectum becomes too great, the internal ring of muscle called the anal sphincter relaxes to allow stool to pass through your anal canal, the anus, and out of your body.

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As women, we know how important it is to take care of our vaginas. But it's time you showed your booty some love, too. That's why we asked some top butt doctors—a.

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The rectum is the final straight portion of the large intestine in humans and some other mammalsand the gut in others. The adult human rectum is about 12 centimetres 4. It terminates at the level of the anorectal ring the level of the puborectalis sling or the dentate lineagain depending upon which definition is used.

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Levator syndrome is sporadic pain in the rectum caused by spasm of a muscle near the anus the levator ani muscle. The rectum is the section of the digestive tract above the anus where stool is held before it passes out of the body through the anus. The anus is the opening at the end of the digestive tract where stool leaves the body.

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Anal douching is the act of cleansing the rectum and anal canal, most traditionally done with liquid expelled from a douche bulb. While there are many popular anal douches out there, including pre-filled store bought enemas, a bulb douches, water bag douches, and shower attachments, unfortunately, each of these come with negative effects. These solutions were not meant for anal sex preparation and, therefore, have been known to cause harm to the body more on this in the next section. That said, there is a new offering in the market — the Future Method Anal Douche.

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Some of the best titles in the history of medical literature are to be found in the early volumes of the Philosophical Transactions. This example comes fromand was sent in by Mr Robert Payne, a surgeon from Lowestoft in Suffolk:. James Bishop, an apprentice to a ship-carpenter in Great Yarmouth, about 19 years of age, had violent pains in the lower part of the abdomen, for 6 or 7 months; it did not appear to be any species of the colic; he sometimes made bloody urine, which induced Mr.

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The colon and rectum are part of your intestines, which are long, hollow tubes that run from your stomach to your anal opening. There are two types of intestines: the small intestine or small bowel and the large intestine also called the colon or large bowel. The small intestine connects your stomach to your colon, and your colon then attaches to your rectum and, ultimately, your anus. The colon is about five to six feet long and about an inch or two in diameter.


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