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Are you finding yourself a bit too needy? Focusing on that need will only make things worse for you. Let go, find a new direction and allow it to help you heal.

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In the Aug. According to the Internet, the first thing you want to do is pee on your wound. After all, the common wisdom holds, urine is sterile.

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Each year on March 17, the Irish and Irish-at-heart come out in droves to pubs and parade routes to celebrate the patron saint of Ireland. In the US, St. Patrick's Day serves as a valid excuse to wear green and drink.

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Islamic dreams about Bird Urinating find dream interpretations. Urinating in a valley in a dream means expansion of one's progeny. Emitting bad odor after urination while others are looking with despise in a dream means defamation, or exposing one's ills in public. Drinking urine in a dream means earning unlawful income.

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Claptrap has a problem with a local incontinent skag stinking up the nearby swamp and would like the urine promptly cleaned up. The skag-infested land behind Ardorton Docks has been marked in skag urine that gives off a phosphorescent glow at night. Each of the five marked spots is further indicated by a piece of modern technology.

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I f you use a urinal or stand when you use the toilet, pee splashes back on you. If you share a bathroom with someone who stands when he pees, a fine layer of pee covers your bathroom floor. When men urinate standing up, pee ricochets off the porcelain beyond the toilet or urinal.

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We've heard of some pretty crazy beauty treatments snake venom wrinkle cream, anyone? Martha Christy, author of In Your Own Perfect Medicineclaims that putting your own urine on your face — dubbed "urotherapy" — can help reduce the appearance of acne, eczema, and other skin conditions because pee contains minerals and nutrients. If this is true, this would be the cheapest facial moisturizer ever.

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This Sunday marks the 45th anniversary of the first moon landing. All weekend we'll be reminded again about the heroism, the danger, and the one great step for mankind. But as usual, nobody will talk about the pee, the poop, and the boners.

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I am extremely scared. I went to use a public bathroom and I waited in line for the urinal. I used the same urinal that he used.

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