Strip and refinish furniture

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Viscarra's Furniture Refinishing. Call us: Stripping and Refinishing in Santa Barbara, California Trust us to take care in every step of stripping and refinishing your favorite antiques in Goleta, California.

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Your grandfather's rocking chair might've looked beautiful once, but with the gaudy paint and deep scratches, it certainly doesn't now. However, that rocking chair has a strong structure. With the right work, it'll make an excellent addition to your home.

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I'm going to have a look. Hey, good morning Christine. This is the table that gets all the use, right?

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Sometimes ugly is only skin deep. Getting under those layers of old paint might reveal a valuable piece of furniture. After the stripper is brushed on, chemicals do the hard work.

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If you want a beautiful looking, and feeling, piece at the end of your efforts, there are times when it pays off to prep your piece by either sanding, stripping or priming…or a combination of all three. My husband snagged two of these darling little tables when he helped his parents move recently. Sadly, they had been spray painted!

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All of the stripping, sanding, and staining! No more excuses my friends. For more information, please see my disclosure page.

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Refinishing old or antique wooden furniture is a popular hobby and has been growing in interest over the past several years. There are specific steps to follow and many factors to consider. This guide will also help instruct you on when to refinish antique furniture and how to refinish your wooden tables, chairs, dressers and more.

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All-purpose cleaning spray and a cloth or paper towels Coarse sandpaper, and grit A block or mechanical sander A clean, dry tack cloth Stain or primer and paint. Understand what you're working with. Superornamental furniture is going to be tedious, so if you've never refinished anything, stay away from pieces with too many hand-carved details, scrollwork, or tight corners. Clean, clean, clean.

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Two tips to keep in mind when staining wood: Water-based polyurethane is not only better for the environment, but it will also dry in under an hour and always sand and stain with the grain of the wood for a smooth finish. Photo by: Debbie Talianko. Privacy Policy.

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No doubt, there are garages, attics, and basements all across America chock full of what was once useful furniture. How did they end up in the storage heap in the first place? And while the chest of drawers can be quite useful it may be the wrong color or is chipped relegating it to the land beyond. Remember, old furniture never dies, it just ends up in the attic or basement.


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