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Kim, M. A classic is that people are less distracted at night and all of a sudden tune into the itch. Kim says.

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My husband periodically has a sudden attack of severe tingling, itching of his feet, it occurs in both feet but usually one or the other at a time with each episode. It happens sometimes once or twice a week, and then he may go for two or three weeks before it happens again. He has always had to wear steel toed work boots with his job, is it possible it could be some kind of nerve damage?

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There are superstitions about everything. In some cultures, it is thought that dreaming about someone means that that person is thinking about you. In other cultures, people believe that whistling at night can attract ghosts.

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Amytryptylene is to help you sleep, but I don't think it is a "nerve" medication to help with the itching. It is used for itching and anxiety but I don't believe it works with the nerves, it is more for topical itching that accompanies anxiety, it is similar to benadryl in my opinion. Try asking him for the gabupentin just to see if it helps if you want. I believe there are many of us on the medication and it does help.

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Pruritus is the medical term for itchiness caused by an irritating sensation on the skin that makes one want to scratch. This can occur anywhere on your skin. The feet are especially vulnerable because people tend to put them in sweaty situations

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John is a medical writer and editor with more than 15 years experience in the field. She is a former medical officer for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Few symptoms are as maddening as itchiness, particularly when it involves the bottom of your feet.

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Even the kitty cats are getting in on the summer action by shedding their year round furry coats. Not only is fur flying, but these little guys are crazy itchy and desperately want to be scratched. If I could translate kitty behavior into the English language, here is what a typical grooming session might sound like:.

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In a famous case ina woman with itching caused by shingles on her head scratched so furiously that she went through her skull and into her right forebrain. Although aside from the itch she was neurologically and psychiatrically well, she needed to be physically restrained to prevent injuring herself further. In a seeming paradox, a skin biopsy of the itching area showed almost no nerve fibers in the affected region.

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Of course, no one loves to have an itching sensation, but at the bottom of your feet make the scenario even worse. Since your feet can be repeatedly exposed to floors, grass, damp weather and sweaty footwear, all these things can be the cause of irritation of the skin. Itchy feet are also the signs of either a skin condition or some other underlying disorders that may cause itchiness.

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