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The room is small. Help is far away, on the other side of many locked doors. Your arm is chained to the table and a Rabid Cop is spraying spittle into your face in a way that convinces you that he has completely lost his mind.

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Sometimes, however, a short-lived series is deemed so eccentric or downright bad that it remains a part of the collective pop-culture consciousness for the long haul. Such is the case of Cop Rockthe ABC amalgamation that attempted to fuse a gritty cop drama with a musical. It failed to completely please fans of either genre and was gone from the airwaves after only 11 episodes.

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Labels: county. What is really sad is other departments are showing videos of county officers getting hit and telling their officers that this not how you do things as an officer. Which would be worse as mayor?

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It is also useful to note the pathetic foot at lower left. Here is how it came to pass. An alligator in central Florida was taking a leisurely stroll through a local neighborhood, presumably during his lunch break. Residents were displeased and in time some shorts-wearing cops and a gator trapper came along and started hassling the alligator, for no reason beyond the fact that it was a terrifying living dinosaur walking around a suburb.

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A Knox County sheriff's detective who is also a pastor at a local church is coming under fire for comments he made about gay people during a sermon earlier this month. Detective Grayson Fritts refused to apologize, stating that he is only "preaching the Bible. Constitution supersedes the Bible.

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Denver Post file. In the last few weeks, two cases in the metro area demonstrate the First Amendment is alive and well in Colorado. McIntosh was pulled over for going 41 mph in a 20 mph school zone and used profanity at Deputy Sheriff Tim Lynch because he got a ticket.

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Yesterday the Washington State Supreme Court threw out an obstruction conviction against a juvenile who had insulted police and refused to go away when they were detaining his younger sister. The juvenile, with the initials E. He used other names, too.

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