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This classic position has so many benefits, and deep penetration is chief among them. Have your partner lie back, then straddle him and ease his penis inside you as deep as you can. What's also great about cowgirl is that you control the speed and pacing—so if you want to take a break from deep thrusting to enjoy some clitoris stimulation, lean forward and have your partner play with your breasts, or reach behind and caress his balls, you're in control.

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We took it upon ourselves to ask some people with penises for answers. Fair enough. First off, what does sex feel like when you have a penis?

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For many years, one of my jobs was answering anonymous sex questions for a teen website. And when I did, I was reminded just how common it is for people to either worry that first sex will be painful, or to actually have painful first sex. When he put it in, it hurt really bad.

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This is because I have vaginismusa condition that causes my vaginal muscles to painfully tense up whenever penetration is attempted. I first became aware of my vaginal limitations when I attempted to use a tampon in middle school, and began to take it more seriously when any attempt at sexual penetration was met with the feeling of a literal wall blocking off my vagina. I'm not entirely sure of the cause, but my lifelong anxiety disorder as well as the multiple sexual assaults I experienced in my late teens definitely point to a few possible causes, or at least contributing factors that have made the condition worsen over the years. Between skeptical friends and ignorant doctors, I haven't been met with much understanding about my condition.

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Popular vlogger Arielle Scarcella -- known for her YouTube series " Lesbians Explain ," in which a panel of lesbians take on a variety of topics from " How Two Girls Have Sex " to " Why Straight Girls Love Lesbian Porn " -- has taken on an important undertaking, with fascinating if not entirely scientific results. Her inquiry: Why do straight women prefer penetration, while lesbians overwhelmingly prefer oral sex? Scarcella did a bit of background research in the weeks before she released her new " Straight Girls Explain " video, asking of her straight-identifying female viewers and lesbian viewers whether they prefer oral sex to penetration.

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A podcast about pregnancy and drug use, Native people and tribal sovereignty. Published in partnership with Scarleteen. When I read lesbian erotica I like it…until they start penetrating each other, but everything else excites me and I know I want to have sex.

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Not long after going through menopause, Denise Roberts not her real name began to feel severe pain during sexual intercourse with her husband. Penetration, she says, "felt like a knife inside me. She felt ashamed, anxious, and inadequate as a wife, and she dreaded having sex.

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We all know you can achieve an orgasm from clitoral or vaginal simulation. But did you know that the cervix is also a pleasure zone? We rounded up the most pressing concerns about cervix penetration so you can get down to business worry-free. The bare-bones definition of penetration is this: any object that makes its way through or into something.

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Skip to: Main Navigation Main Content. A quest to experience 'vaginal orgasms' can cause women needless anxiety, sex therapists say. But does the vaginal orgasm really exist anyway?

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An unbridgeable gap in understanding. But we asked a bunch of straight men to be as descriptive as possible when telling us what it actually feels like to put their penis in a vagina, so we can all get a little closer to understanding. All names have been changed, because few men want to publicly declare what sex feels like on the internet. Everything spent, but too weak to just roll over.


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